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General and Mrs Steve Ritchie 

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Steve flying on the right wing at Columbus, OH Air Show

Steve & Mariana

Kennedy Space Center

General Ritchie first ​flew the F-104 at Eglin AFB, FL in 1965-67 as a Lieutenant right out of Pilot Training. He is the only pilot in the world to be re-certified to fly the Starfighter more than 40 years later. In  2007 and 2008, he flew #2 in a flight of three F-104's at air shows across the US. It was the only flight of 3 Starfighters that ever flew for public air shows in the 50 plus year history of the F-104 which was used by 15 countries worldwide.

Battle Creek, MI Air Show

Chief Operations Officer

Starfighters, Inc

Kennedy Space Center

Steve flying (middle) at the Andrews Air Force Base Air Show​ at 300 ft & 400 miles per hour.

Steve & Mariana

Greensboro, NC 

Steve at the Winston-Salem, NC   Air Show

Titusville, FL Air Show

Winston-Salem, NC

Air Show