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General and Mrs Steve Ritchie 

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Steve flying on the right wing at Columbus, OH Air Show

Steve & Mariana

Kennedy Space Center

Battle Creek, MI Air Show

Chief Operations Officer

Starfighters, Inc

Kennedy Space Center

Steve & Mariana

Greensboro, NC 

Winston-Salem, NC

Air Show

General Ritchie first ​flew the F-104 at Eglin AFB, FL in 1965-67 as a Lieutenant right out of Pilot Training. He is the only pilot in the world to be re-certified to fly the Starfighter more than 40 years later. In  2007 and 2008, he flew #2 in a flight of three F-104's at air shows across the US. It was the only flight of 3 Starfighters that ever flew for public air shows in the 50 plus year history of the F-104 which was used by 15 countries worldwide.

Titusville, FL Air Show

Steve flying (middle) at the Andrews Air Force Base Air Show​ at 300 ft & 400 miles per hour.

Steve at the Winston-Salem, NC   Air Show